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Test - 2


You are designing a DHCP strategy for the new Active Directory environment.
Which two groups have the necessary rights to authorize the DHCP servers? (Each
correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two)

A. IT staff in Atlanta

B. IT staff in Seattle

C. DHCP administrators in all offices

D. DHCP administrators in Atlanta only

E. Members of the Enterprise Admins group

Answer: A, E


This question is about DHCP Authorization. Only Enterprise Admins have the ability to
authorize DHCP servers. An administrator in the Root Domain of the Forest would
simultaneously be a member of the Enterprise Admins Group. The fact that they are
going to have full administrative privilege for the domain, as well as being admins in the root domain, makes them Enterprise Admins. According to the scenario, the Atlanta office will deal with the administration of active directory. Therefore the IT staff in Atlanta is the correct answer, and "B" is incorrect..

Incorrect Options:

C and D: DHCP Administrator is a built-in group in AD that does not have the ability to authorize DHCP.


You are designing the placement of operations master roles in the new environment.
In which location or locations should a PDC emulator be designated? (Choose all
that apply)

A. Atlanta

B. Chicago

C. Dallas

D. Seattle

Answer: A


Seeing that the Atlanta office is responsible for the administration of Active Directory, it must be where the Forrest Root domain is located. So if this is true, then the PDC Emulator should be designated to them.
The Primary Domain Controller (PDC) is the first domian controller created in the
domain, while all other domain controllers are considered backup domain controllers
(BDCs). Therefore, B, C and D are incorrect.


You are designing a DNS and DHCP implementation strategy to support the new
What should you do?

A. Create a WINS resource record in the Active Directory DNS zone.

B. Create a WINS referral zone in the DNS zone that supports Active Directory.

C. Configure a DNS domain name on the DHCP server.

D. Configure the DHCP server to update DNS for DHCP clients that do not support
dynamic updates.

Answer: D


The future of IT certification, www.real-exams.com One of the dynamic update settings you can configure on the DNS tab of the DHCP server properties dialog box determines whether the DHCP server should provide dynamic DNS update service on behalf of DHCP clients not capable of performing dynamic updates, such as computers running Microsoft Windows NT 4. By default, Windows Server 2003 DHCP servers do not attempt to perform dynamic updates on behalf of these clients.

Incorrect Options:

A: The WINS resource record instructs the DNS service to use WINS to look up and
forward queries for host names not found in the zone database.
B: You should configure a WINS referral zone to provide a means of organizing and
distinguishing between WINS and DNS records.
C: An option that specifies the domain name that DHCP clients should use when
resolving unqualified names during DNS domain name resolution. This option also
allows clients to perform dynamic DNS updates.


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