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MCSE Real Interview Questions

I have a collection of some interview questions asked by Major MNC like Hp, IBM, TCS, Wipro, Satyam, CA, CS etc

1)What is ADS? Explain?
2)What are FSMO Rules and explian the usefulness of each Rule?
3)Replication between domain servers?
4)Structure of ADS backup including Incrimental, Regular, Differential?
5)Consider one scenario there are one forest and 5 child domain, if forest is down what steps you take to make it up and if one child domain is down what steps you take to trouble shoot this issue.
6)Replication between forest and additional domain controllers?
7)What is DNS.What are types of DNS server and explain forward and reverse DNS ?
8)DHCP, scopes, superscopes and reservations?
9)What are Filesystems and difference between encryption and decription?
10)What is Disk Quota planning and how you configure disk quota?
11)System state backup and restoration?
12)what is GPO and functions if GPO?
13)what is RIS and how can you configure RIS?
14)SUS and client configurations?
15)CA unicenter (SDO, AMO, RCO) how to create package and what packags can be created?
16)Backup Third party like veritas or legatos?
17)Raid levels raid 0, raid 1, raid 5
18)Difference between software and hardware raids?
19)Clustering, difference between hardware and software clustering?
20)How will you promote addition domain controller to forest(tools and utilities))
21)Terminal server and client configuration?
22)Function of sites and servers in administrative tools?
23)Main function of trust,types of trusts and uses of creating trust?
24)what is trusting(transitive and non transitive?
25)what is one way trusting and 2 ways trusting?
26)structure of trusting?
27)User management in ADS?
28)full function if ntutils?
29)networking products (active components?
30)Differences between 2000,2003,NT 4.0 and 2008
31)what is shadowing 2003?
32)Any server you worked with specification most important like dell store edge 250 ,350 2500 etc
33)check logs in windows?
34)how to check login attempts in windows?
35)how to update registry from command line?
36)what is you current role in your office and daily schedules?
37)what is your strenght and weakness?
38)any knowledgeof unix?
39)Difference between DNS and WINS?
40)Default errors in DNS,,did you find any how did u solved it?
41)how to find which is primarch and child domain?
42)If DHCP fails what happens to client?what back up strategy you will follow?
43)what are features of NTFS?
44)how do you configure VLAN?
45)what is id file?
46)what is nsf?
47)what is ntf?
48)If blue dumps how will you solve the problem?
49)what antivirus server you are using how how you update the client antivrus and how you scan your network when virus attack?
50)What are the projects you worked previously?
51)How do configure print server?
52)what is nslookup command and what we use it?
53)port number for ftp telnet mail http dns dhcp etc
54)difference between hosts and lmhosts files?
55)in DHCP difference between reserved and excluded ips?
56)how to mount network shares from DOS windows?
57)what is global catlog?
58)what are 5 ADS files in winnt directory?
59)what is difference between native mode and mixed mode?
60)what is UPN (user principal name)in trust?
61)any idea about WMI?
62)what is VPN?what is its functions ?how its works and what protocol it uses?
63)Define TCP/IP layers and classes?
64)Formula for calculating subnets?
65)what is PPP and its functions?
66)add and delete a route?
67)why IP forwarding is required?
68)what is netbios?
69)what is ARP and what is its functions?
70)what is forward time out and recursion in DNS?
72)how to stop DNS from command mode?
73)Define Zone transfer?
74)what is round robin rotation?
75)how to referesh the DNS cache from command mode - ipconfig flush DNS
76)Debug logging enabled or disabled which is best?
77)what is recursive query and automatic query?
78)where is dns.log stored?
79)what is zone delagation?
80)what is Wins forward and Wins reverse?
81)define scavenging stale records?
82)how to view a client resolver cache?
83)how to flush and reset a client resolver cache?
84)how to renew DNS client registration?
85)how to verify a zone delagation?
86)Define the files boot, root.dns, cache.dns and zone?name, dns?
87)how to reconcile the DHCP database?
88)how manually compack or repair the DHCP database?
89)how to compact or repair the DHCP database?
90)what is multicast scope?
91)define BOOTP tables?
92)how to verify WINS registration of client netbios names?
93)Define tombstone?
94)Define RADIUS?
95)what is IIS ,how to install,configure, create sites and start stop IIS from command mode?
96)Difference between RAS and VPN?
97)GPO, different types of GPO how to create and delete a GPO,what are domain level and directory level GPO?
98)create user and create profiles, template?
99)Software deployment, group policy objects read GPO perfectly lot of questions can be asked from it?
100)create user in US Primary ADS sever and you are at client location, let us say primary ADS server is in US and you are in India the user is not able to login in India its says username and passwd wrong what steps you will take to resolve it?


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